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Default Re: Holy shit Iron Man 3 sucked so many balls

Originally Posted by Le Shaqtus
I liked it everyones a critic I guess.

***Minor spoilers ahead***

Can u tell me what you liked about it? The fighting sequences were boring I mean he wasn't ever in the suit, and when he was they could just warm him up. The first two acts of the movie went absolutely no where beside him rebuilding things from scratch like in the first movie. I don't know why he couldn't summon those 40 metal suits back then but wtv. The villain sucks his super power is completely boring. And the mandarin doesn't even exist.

Who the fukk cares about the president. Like it was such an after thought. I really don't know what tied this whole thing together.

So boring. Are people this bored in life that they find this entertaining? I would honestly rather bounce a tennis ball off a wall for an hour. I wouldn't watch this movie again for $200. I swear I wouldn't. $500 minimum and it would have to be at least a week from now.

I'm not a big fan of superhero movies in general beside x men first class, the batman trilogy and the avengers. But iron man 1 was decent. This was shit.
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