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Default Re: Kid tells teacher like it is

I feel bad for anyone who is currently enrolled in the shit storm we call public school. Terrible teachers, boring subjects, zero student choice, stupid rules. We had a rule that nobody could wear jacket in our school. So you've got little 100 pound girls in class, middle of winter, freezing cold not allowed to wear jackets. Damn. Retarded.

The reason for the rule was because someone could conceal a gun in a jacket, due to paranoia about the school shootings. Somehow the reason is even dumber than the rule itself. Thanks to 2-3 idiots in other states, we have to suffer? And how is banning jackets going to prevent a school shooting? If someone wanted to shoot up the school, they weren't going to be prevented by a no jacket rule.

Teachers > principles > their higher ups > their higher ups. The higher up the chain you go, the more retarded they get when it comes to public schools.
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