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Default Re: Kid tells teacher like it is

Most teachers are shitheads that go into it cause it's an easy paycheck if you do bare minimum work. My mom's a teacher, and she makes one 100k a year doing it. But she is a department chair, avid supervisor, senior class advisor, link crew coordinator teaches on her prep period and has a class after school. Not to mention all the games and extracurricular activities she is at. She used to leave our house at 6 am and not get home til 6 or 7. There are teachers that are dedicated like that, and America needs to find them by paying teachers more. Require masters to teach in a public school and weed out the idiots who want to just collect a paycheck. Make school days longer. Get rid of standardized testing, because that is a waste of time. Take money out of the middle east and welfare homes nd put it into our schools. That is the most important thing right now for our future So we don't have a generation of kkids trying to emulate lil wayne and shit.
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