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Default Re: Kid tells teacher like it is

My mother was and is a teacher...and my grandmother was a math and sunday school teacher for like 40 years.

But that doesnt mean they are underpaid.

Public schools are a joke these days, The extreme vast majority really is babysitting. I learned next to nothing after I left private school and schools have if anything gotten worse since my days.

More kids, more teaching to the test not for knowledge, and kids doing worse.

Being given a massive responsibility doesnt mean you are underpaid even if you arent good at it.

Even if teachers are good...most of the schools are so rigid they cant show it.

Pay a guy 200 thousand...if he has to teach from a text book, hand out work sheets, and teach to a statewide test for weeks at a time the kids still dont come out caring. Some say pay them more and more qualified people take the jobs...but run the numbers. Where is the money to come from? And its not like more education makes one better at teaching. The best teacher I ever had had passion...but he wasnt really that good at math...which he taught. Not like...brilliant. He taught from the book but he was just

This isnt the 60s with black teachers smuggling books from white schools so little black kids could learn history.

I know teachers. Plural. My ex girlfriend is a second grade teacher. And as I mom is one too.

But it isnt high on the underpaid list.

Ive worked retail. The money these people are used to generate is astounding and they get minimum wage.

I could go teach in high school...tomorrow. My defensive coordinator from football was my math teacher for 2 years. Handed out sheets, read from a book, and passed anyone useful to sports.

It isnt that hard to be an average teacher. Its hard to be a great one.

Most teachers arent doing anything to justify high pay. They possibly could...but not in the system America gives them.

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