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Default Re: Holy shit Iron Man 3 sucked so many balls

Originally Posted by El Kabong
Well it's to prevent questions like yours. "Why didn't he use the suits earlier?" Well because that wouldn't be as exciting, so they needed a reason for the suits not showing up until the big finale battle.

It wasnt exciting either way tho. It sucked completely. I could care less about 40 robots fighting 40 fire healing people in a generic construction site or oil rig or wtv the fukk that was. I can just watch transformers or that movie Stealth with jamie fox if i want completely impersonal action sequences.

Avengers had some sick ass action scenes. Team work and all that. You mean to tell me Iron Man couldn't have teamed up with War Machine and done something more exciting than having both of them with no metal suits pow powing against faceless baddies like an early 90s buddy cop movie? Oh shit im out of ammo, give me your ammo. Ugh, that's not how it works genius weapon manufacturer....
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