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Default Re: Kid tells teacher like it is

Originally Posted by Cangri
Maybe the first year, but after that they just recycle the same sht and same tests over and over again.

Teachers are often rotated around the grde levels and what works for one level may not necessarily work for another. I's much harder than you think, especially for the elementary levels. Te kind of peparation that goes into each class is astonishing.

Being a future educator, I can't help but feel rage towards that "teacher," if she can even call herself that. Such audacity. If she was looking for a paycheck, she should be looking elsewhere coz that's not what this profession will get you. I've come to terms with that fact, knowing even that I'll probably live a much simpler life materially than I am now. However, when I think about all those kids Imma be helping in the future, I simply don't care about it anymore. This kid is right on the money. I really hope this video goes viral.
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