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Default Re: Kblaze will use this topic to record his random thoughts.

Im gonna pose a greatly shortened and modified version of a hypothetical I once posed elsewhere. I was told the answer is so clearly yes...that only an idiot would refuse. I suspect many of you will think otherwise.....

One day one of us sends a "tweet" to Kate Upton with a link to the off the court forum. She clicks it and shows up with the name "Da_Real_Kate". We all assume its one of us playing a prank till she posts a picture of herself leaning in a loveseat holding a sloth that is wearing a shirt with the ISH banner on it(what I asked her to do to prove its her).

Naturally ISH goes crazy with the clit riding. She stays for about 7-8 months before agreeing to set up and fund the first major ISH meet.

We all go to her party in Vegas. She and you hit it off right away and become great friends. Shes always popping up at your place to watch games. Calls you all the time. your friends assume you are ****ing but you arent. You have not put a hand on her sexually but shes cool as hell. She asks you to come out to LA with her for a big photo shoot she doesnt wanna go to agree.

She tells you that night after a shoot she got you to come along with her because she has a question for you and wanted you all to herself for the weekend after she asks. You just know this is it. You are about to **** the goddess. And you are.....kinda...sorta right.

She gets you to her suite having bought the entire top floor. She tells you she has a secret to tell you that she never felt close enough to anyone to share since an unpleasant situation in 10th grade.

She starts to strip and..........her dick pops out. Kinda a dick. Its a dick no doubt...but like....3.8 inches long while erect(and it is). You jump and she begs you to let her explain. Youre hoping for an "Oversized clit" discussion but no.....its a fully functional dick.

She is one of the .8% of people born with both organs who has both of them functional. The dick has no balls though. It just works like a dick. she is fully able to have children. THe dick is just there and can in fact be easily removed with no complications. She is in no other way a man. At all. Hormones. Fully female. No adams apple. She is womanly as ****...with a tiny dick.

Her request....she wants you to suck it for her before she has it removed. If you do that she gets it removed in the morning and will be yours should you want her. She tells you that shes always wanted someone to blow her but was so ashamed and afraid to let people see it since the time in Hs she showed her boyfriend and he flipped out.

All she wants is a good long sensual blowjob on her 3.9 inch dick. Then its gone with nothing to show for it but a borderline invisible scar. She doesnt need to **** you. Refuses to let you get a girl to do it since:

1. Shes not gay and her [Ladies man]wang is hugafied by a man...and not by a lady[Ladies Man]
2. She is only comfortable showing it to someone she cares for. And she thinks she might love you.

Would you....knowing nobody would find out....give her her first get this beautiful, rich, model as your girl for as long as you want her?
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