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Default Re: Amanda Bynes: ruined

Originally Posted by FiveRings
Should not be attracted? Attraction is not a choice (see homosexuality). For most of human existence, most men got married to girls even younger than 14 and started having babies. In your favourite player Shaq's religion, Islam, to this day men are permitted to marry and have sex with girls at the age of nine, just as prophet Mohammad did.

You're naive if you believe most men are not attracted to 16 year old girls. Some of course will fight this attraction for whatever reason, but it's a perfectly normal attraction.

Uh, what? Why should I care what Shaq's religion is, or what's considered acceptable in it? I have no religious beliefs myself, though I have somewhat of a Catholic background and we all know it's been common practice to this day to cover up molestation and move priests to different parishes when accusations are made. Every reasonable Catholic person I know thinks of this as reprehensible behavior.

And do you really want to get into things that were acceptable centuries ago? And I said that an adult being attracted to a 14 year old is not normal because it isn't, it's pedophilia. Not my opinion, it's a fact. You can't control urges(though you can control actions) but it doesn't mean those urges are normal. David Berkowitz had urges to kill because he believed a dog was telling him to. Is that normal?

And you're not doing yourself any favors by equating attraction to 14 year olds to homosexuality because that's the same argument NAMBLA and other similar, perverted groups use.

I also said that a 25 year old whose idea of perfection(your word, not mine) is a 16 year old is creepy. And I think most would agree.

I never said any form of attraction to anyone who happens to be 16 is abnormal. There are 16 year olds who don't get proofed when they go to bars, and do honestly look 21-22 years old. Miley wasn't one of them. And it's also different because it's not unreasonable to assume a girl in a bar is 21+, but Miley's age was obviously known.
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