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Default Re: Injustice: Gods Among Us (DC Comics fighter)

Borrowed it from a buddy. Played through the storyline.

It's deeper than MK I think. With the character special abilities and the move sets in general it has a pretty unique feel to it. I still am not the biggest fan of the systems, but once you get a handle on the basic concept it makes you feel pretty competent which is a plus over noob hating fighters like Tekken.

The voice acting for the majority of characters is awful, and the faces of the characters during scenes are among some of the worst I can remember from such a large game this late in the generation.

The story was intersting and I was REALLY happy that the game was balanced. Switching from character to character made it hard to master any one, so if they had the boss battles for each character be as unbalanced as other fighters (SF X Tekken comes to mind. So does.... Jinpachi... hate that fight), it would killed it for me.

The fights themselves look good, good crisp animation, good interactive level design. Some supers are really cool, some not so much.

It's not Tekken Tag 2. It's not Marvel v Capcom. Shit it isn't even Street Fighter X Tekken. But it isn't bad by any stretch. I would buy it once I can pick it up used for 20 bucks or so.
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