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Default Re: If someone thanked you for passing because they cheated off your paper, you be mad?

Originally Posted by unbreakable
Lets say hypothetically someone comes up to you and is like "Hey.. this sounds weird.. but I passed my class because I copied off your scantron answers and I feel like I really owe you. Can I buy you a top notch dinner sometime? Or take you to a ballgame? "

What would you say?

Well the second they told you that you would of been required to inform the university of other such organisation immediately of this plagerism and cheating and untill you do you are an accessory to unfairness which plagues the world. And the second that you told us we have all become accessories ourselves so if you could kindly give me the name and contact information of your school so i can get in contact with them and rid myself of any wrongdoing.

But anyway you should ask him for a blowjob or something, its only gay if you take it so your good.
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