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Default Re: Who will be the Jets starting QB in Week 1? you have 6 choices.

Originally Posted by Heavincent
If they truly believe Geno is ready, go ahead and start him.

I don't see why everyone has been ripping on Geno. He has a lot of talent and put up huge numbers in college. I really haven't seen anything to indicate that he's a "diva" either. Where are people getting that from? His college coach said nothing but good things about him.

I've been really mad with this franchise over the last few years (how could I not be?), but I actually like what they did in the draft. Getting the best QB in the draft in the second round is GREAT value. I don't see how anyone could say otherwise. You want to talk about a laughable QB pick? How about Jake Locker and Blaine Gabbert getting picked in the first round

I still hate the Revis trade though. But besides that, I like what the new GM has done. I can see them being a 7 or 8 win team that shows a lot of potential and promise for the future. I just don't think they'll be the 2-14 cellar dwellers that they're being made out to be. I wouldn't be terribly shocked if I'm wrong and they do end up being complete shit though.
They traded a lot of their depth guys. A LOT of them. No way in hell you win 7 games.
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