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Default Re: Kid tells teacher like it is

several things. That teacher and her terrible attitude piss me off. Duncanville is a fairly crappy suburb of dallas that needs all the help it can get, not dumb and lazy bitches like her.

Teachers arent paid enough. The work load extends well past the classroom into your evenings and weekends. Most school districts have expectations that you use your own salary to outfit the classroom (I know a first grade teacher that was told she needed to provide a class library for her students and was then told that the ~100 books she had bought with her own money were not enough. She was also expected to buy the large rug for the room and many of the basic supplies). Ridiculous

Because teachers arent paid enough (or really considered an important job), many of the best potential teachers do not go into the field. Just looking at my HS class through facebook, all of the people who are now teachers were the middling and average kids in the school. None of them expressed a great aptitude or passion for the subject they now teach. Essentially, they went into education because there are jobs in the field. All of the top students from my class and the ones with a passion for a certain subject do something else now (professor, lawyers, doctors, architects, business). So, what do we expect when very few of our best and brightest go on to engage our youth in education.
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