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Default Re: 24 could be returning

This is a bad move since the show started getting tiresome in concept around the 4th season.. Not to mention how played out it got by its last season.

If they decide to bring it back the only things they should keep from prior seasons is Jack and the whole 24 hour concept. They should come up with a whole new premise and job for Jack. No more terrorist and work infiltration bullshit.. They should actually work on building some solid characters and put them in fresh situations for them to deal with. It could work but it would take innovating personnel to carry out the artistic work.. and I doubt Fox will hire any people like that. They are gonna basically bring back the same people and make them do the same work simply to get the same ratings that they were getting before. That is gonna make 24 shitty like it was at the end of its run.

Regardless ill always stay a Jack fan for life.. lol
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