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Default Fractured Fibula

I broke my ankle almost three weeks ago playing basketball. It was diagnosed as a fractured distal fibula with displacement. I had to get surgery about a week after the break to realign my ankle bones which consisted of sutures holding the bones together rather than screws. This method is supposed to help me be able to bear weight on my ankle faster. I would also not need a second surgery to take out the screw(s).

I was told by the orthopedist that I would be going in in two weeks (next Tuesday) to get a walking boot on and that I could start applying pressure, but not full weight on the foot. I was also told the total recovery time would be 6-8 weeks.

I've been eating food that's good for healing bones this entire time and not smoking/drinking. I have also been working out lightly during this time and have lost a lot of weight rather than gaining any. I kept my leg elevated all day for two weeks, one week before and one week after. I've since returned to work and still keep my leg elevated when I go to sleep.

I just want to get back on my feet and walking normally asap. Has anyone here ever fractured their fibula? What was your experience and how long did it take you to walk again? Play ball?
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