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Default Re: All Jokes Aside, What Does It Mean....

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
When you dream about making out with a guy? I woke up a couple nights ago from this crazy ass dream where I making out heavy with some white guy and I felt disgusting. I kinda cowered in the corner of my bed for a bit then took a long shower where I might have cried(can't prove it tho) and then listened to some music for the rest of the night.

I have never had dreams like this before and haven't hand any since, what is the cause of this shit?

It means that you fear intimacy and have trust issues.. You may not lack confidence but may fear that in the future you may lose confidence in yourself. Fear of becoming vulnerable unlike any vulnerability felt before.. Its an idea that disgusts you.

The gay act is something you could never see yourself doing.. much like how you never see yourself trusting someone completely, possibly females in general....?....
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