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Default Re: Official Stanley Cup playoff thread

Originally Posted by D.J.
I'm in.

1)Pittsburgh vs 8)NY Islanders- Pittsburgh 4-2
2)Montreal vs 7)Ottawa- Montreal 4-3
3)Washington vs 6)NY Rangers- Rangers 4-2
4)Boston vs 5)Toronto- Boston 4-1

1)Chicago vs 8)Minnesota- Chicago 4-1
2)Anaheim vs 7)Detroit- Anaheim 4-3
3)Vancouver vs 6)San Jose- Vancouver 4-2
4)St. Louis vs 5) Los Angeles- Los Angeles 4-1
1)Pittsburgh vs 6)NY Rangers- Pittsburgh 4-1
2)Montreal vs 4)Boston- Boston 4-3

1)Chicago vs 5)Los Angeles- Los Angeles 4-2
2)Anaheim vs 3)Vancouver- Anaheim 4-1
1)Pittsburgh vs 4)Boston- Boston 4-3
2)Anaheim vs 5)Los Angeles- Anaheim 4-3
2)Anaheim vs 4)Boston- Boston 4-3

Outside of Montreal and Vancouver, I'm looking pretty good.
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