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Default Re: 2012-2013 English Premier League Thread (La Liga, Serie A, etc.)

Originally Posted by Andrew Wiggins
monaco isn't some shit club that rose out of obscurity. they had a few bad seasons but they've won ligue 1 many times and made the champions league final not too long ago

he can get a big paycheck at most of the top teams, the transfer fee is a road block

If he's going to leave Atletico Madrid, it's for a big name team.

Atletico are no slouches themselves, but why would he leave a team not quite considered an elite team, for another 'project'? They've only just won promotion back to Ligue 1, and it's not as simple as bringing in a couple of good players to suddenly turn them into a potential Champions League side.

I've got a feeling he's headed for Chelsea, along with Mourinho.

Originally Posted by LJJ
Bony does not have a release clause. Also, Vitesse seems to have some very questionable ties to Chelsea.

So you can pretty much forget about getting Bony below market value.

Chalk that one up to wrong information from the newspapers. I wasn't aware of one until I read it earlier, and it turns out to be wrong after some more digging.

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