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Default Re: Kblaze will use this topic to record his random thoughts.

Originally Posted by Just2McFly
I'm a man of principle, I'm not sucking dick

See...that was my assumption. But many said otherwise when I asked elsewhere. And all of these people are ISH posters...just not that often anymore.

They are responding to the original unedited post which was on a different woman...


what kind of girth on ambrosio are we talking here? is it a fat 3.9? or is she skinny dicked? is she circumsized? there's a good chance im gonna close my eyes drift away to my happy place and just go for it. between the fortune, fame, and getting to **** alessandra ambrosio all the time... thats a tough one to turn down my man. it doesn't make me gay, it makes me driven, determined and goal oriented. if youre downgrading the dicksize im even more inclined to say yeah, bring on that ho's tiny dong.


yall aren't looking at this rationally. could you get a girl hotter than alessandra to fall for you? doubtful. could you get a millionaire ho to fall for you? maybe, but unlikely. could you get a superstar supermodel to fall for you? highly unlikely. could you get a chick that is gonna provide the lifestyle that alessandra is gonna provide for you? HIGHLY unlikely.

you suck this bitch's dick and then you've got a life that you will never have to work another day, you're gonna be travelling everywhere in the world, and you've got a fine ass ho (that will be dickless) to share it all with. this is a life or death situation, really. either i'm finna be living the good life if i suck that dick, or i'm back to making $7.63 an hour driving an old saturn wondering how my life could have been if i soaked that cork.

how could you forgive yourself if it's a saturday night and you're chilling at home by yourself streaming a netflix when you could have been in ****ing rio making babies with one of the finest hos on earth?


You gotta suck that dick. 10 outta 10 times. It's a fine ass girl's dick and it's gone forever upon sucking. It's almost gay not to smoke the ****.

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