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Default Quality of Movies nowadays fallen?

It bums me out to say this, but has anyone else noticed that the quality of Hollywood movies has fallen significantly in the last few years? It seems like there are maybe ~4 solid movies each year. Everything else seems average at best. I don't think my standards have risen too far. + I'm only in my mid-20's so it's not like I have nostalgia like somebody in their 50's or 60's talking about how awesome their era was 40 years ago.

Are people running out of great ideas or are there fewer great writers left in the industry? Maybe the great writers require a lot of money since good story writing requires more time+money? Instead of spending money on great scripts, producers are spending more on the actors/actresses/directors/marketing? Have Hollywood producers figured out that the average Joe public has lesser attention spans now so they can market average movies with tons of special effects? Maybe the average Joe/Jane is more impressed by special effects than actual plots?

Tell me.. What has happened to this magnificent movie industry?? Seems like there are fewer and fewer great movies yearly, yet the average movies are finding ways to make half a billion to up to a billion dollars globally. How is that happening??
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