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Default Re: Famous People with ADHD

Originally Posted by MetsPackers
OP is retarded. How are Van Gogh and Picasso included when the disorder didn't even exist back then to my knowledge? Analysis of their work, bullshit.

ADD isn't even a real disease as far as i'm concerned, that's the kinda shit that makes foreigners think Americans are stupid. Ofc that's not a completely serious statement, but you understand the sentiment

ADHD is not a new disorder. As far as I know, symptoms for it have been noticed and recorded over many centuries. The only thing is that it was never diagnosed as ADHD until like late 19th century into early 20th century. It was never really studied before that either. Before that, people just had to deal with it (of course, it is much more present in recent times than 1700's or whatever lol). Nobody knew anything about how brains worked back then too.

I guess they saw people with that as weird people back before it began to be officially diagnosed as ADHD/ADD? Maybe slow? somewhat stupid?
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