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Default Re: Quality of Movies nowadays fallen?

Originally Posted by B-Low
There's still a lot of good/quality movies out there, but I think a big problem is that special effects and visuals have completely taken priority over good storytelling and memorable characters

Prime example being the new Star Wars Trilogy. Amazing special effects, but it didnt capture any of the heart and character effort that made the originals good. The original trilogy had memorable quote after memorable quote...I challenge anyone to give me 2-3 memorable quotes from the new trilogy. Good writing has just been bumped aside because people want 3D, people want special effects, and people want explosions.

Nailed it.

- There are good movies, but they're tougher to find and most likely won't get a wide release.

- CGI and special effects are far too emphasized.

- Lack of good writing and actual storytelling.
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