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Default Re: All Jokes Aside, What Does It Mean....

From what I gather you are mostly hetero.

I've done a bit of dream interpretation before. It's a pseudoscience but a fun one. Also the key is that none of them are literal.

I used to have recurring dreams wayy back when of a big female T-rex with its yellow eye peaking into the window and trying to break apart my house when I was younger.. and like clockwork a professor deduced this to be signs of an overbearing mother.

My ex used to have dreams of locking up the front entrance of a barn to prevent wild bears from coming in, while her brothers welcomed them forth.. This was the breaching of innocence and the unleashing of the Id (wild animals)

Another girl I used to know talked about her father raping her. And she is a complete daddy's girl and the dude is an upstanding old fashioned strict loving guy. Not an ounce of sketchiness about him.. it's just a fricking dream lol.

Your subconscious brain thinks in terms of symbols and metaphors.. kind of like those famous French cave paintings from many years back.

What I've been taught is that you zone in on the emotion and you zone in on what the symbol represents and retrace the feeling. Never the literal. Kind of like reading body language.. it's not the literal content but the CONTEXT.

I imagine that a white guy is a symbol of something other than homoeroticism. Perhaps.. idk what's the first thing you think of when discussing Caucasian males? You mentioned race like it mattered a lot. White is the symbol of purity or the symbol of light. Or in contextual culture terms a WASP is supposed to be the bad guy lol. You said it was a guy not a man? And that you felt disgust and wanted to cry after?

Think back to a time you did something against your moral principles or you "indulged" in something other than what your plan was. It could be food. It could be drugs. It could be just about anything. Expound on that.

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