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Default Re: All Jokes Aside, What Does It Mean....

Originally Posted by The Macho Man
I've had dreams I had sex with my mom. Man up, glove.

I did, too, when I was young... but it wasn't my mom. lol. It was some person who I realized was my mom. It'd be like I was ****ing a girl (and dreams where I actually have sex are super rare), and then halfway into it I'd be like wait.. isn't this... my mom? Or it'd be someone else and turn into my mom, but I never ****ed my real mom, that would be scary.

Never made out with a guy though. I think I went down on a baby a few times. haha. Probably because we used to make so many jokes about that.

That lil baby ****. Jussayin. Like a little straw.

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