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Default Re: I give The Great Gatsby two thumbs up - glad I never read the book

Originally Posted by bladefd
I understand that, but doesn't the movie itself still take place in 20's? I would completely understand it if they had modernized it so that the story would still be the same but take place in 2000's. Then I would not criticize the music soundtrack at all.

Unfortunately, it isn't the case..

P.S. I consider myself a fan of Jay-Z, Beyonce, Gotye, Sia, etc so it has nothing to do with hating the singers. Jay-Z has had some awesome songs over his career, Gotye is great too.

Quasi-modern. It's not in the 2000's, but the way it's shot and some of the action scenes give it a bit of a "modern" feel to some extent.

There is some music of the time in there mixed in with the hip hop, and even critics who didn't like the film say the music works well.
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