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Default Re: Kid tells teacher like it is

I blame feminism. Teaching used to be the lone female profession outside of a housewife so all the best females were teachers.

And shit teachers like this is why I took AP US History my junior year. That was an awesome class and was well behind the other students in terms of writing but I got better because of it. History/Geography classes were a joke. Freshman year the teacher actually cared but the kids in the class were dumb as hell. Getting 30s and 40s on tests over finding cities and states in Europe. Basic shit. I got a 96 and everyone is like, "omg nerd all you do is study." Takes an hour to memorize that garbage.

My soccer coach was also a world history teacher and he was terrible. All he would do is sit at his computer and once a week go up to the chalkboard and write shit up there and then you'd just copy it. That was it. There was no teaching involved whatsoever. We would sit in his classroom the majority of the time and play cards and make bets and shit.

Some students absolutely DGAF either so it doesn't really matter what the teacher does. I won't say that they're under or overpaid because they get summers off.

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