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Default Re: Famous People with ADHD

Originally Posted by OhNoTimNoSho
ADD and ADHD make me think that eventually really lazy people could be diagnosed with CDD (Caring Deficit Disorder) and prescribed drugs to make them care.

Sure ADD and ADHD are a thing, there are people with behavior patterns that make it hard for them to pay attention and over time it becomes ingrained into them that it is a part of them and actually changes their chemical make up. But the root of it all is completely mental. Catering to this sort of weak pathetic mental behavior with special accommodations and drugs is what makes this state of society just sad. You think there were cavemen that couldn't pay attention? No, they would die. You think there were people in the middle ages that couldn't do their job because they were hyper? No, they would be hung or beaten or some shit.

This is essentially the sentiment that my crude statement was trying to get across, and basically sums up how I feel about the disorder. I fully believe that if I walked into a doctor's office today and told them I have trouble working on stuff I don't like doing, can't focus in classes, and get distracted easily, that I would be diagnosed with ADHD and be medicated. On the spot. Like it's that simple. And these are problems that literally 100% of people have. Oh, you have a problem focusing on subjects you don't like in school?? You must have a brain disorder. You get distracted by television and the internet when you should be doing homework?? You need adderall and a disorder, here's ADHD! It's just a very slippery slope IMO and eventually over like 75% of the population will be diagnosed with some sort of disorder.

It's just that the criteria is so general and so common that basically everybody has ADD. I don't think anyone should recieve this diagnosis unless there brain has literally been scanned and there is a chemical imbalance that physically proves you have the disorder.

And LOL @ the mods deleting the post of the poster who quoted me agreeing with me. Must have some pro-ADD mods or something lol. Or maybe ADHD is another zionist conspiracy to bring down America based in Israel and Jeff doesn't want their cover to get blown..
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