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Default Re: I give The Great Gatsby two thumbs up - glad I never read the book

Originally Posted by ProfessorMurder
Wait wait wait wait wait... You like the movie and that makes you glad you never read the book? Shouldn't it inspire to read the book if you liked the movie?

I wouldn't watch this movie with someone elses eyes. It just looks like a modern movie that they tried to CGI and manipulate into the 20s, rather than a real period piece... Plus the book was great and I don't Leo in my face ruining it.

The movie didn't look very good when I saw the trailer...

but trailers have been very deceptive lately... Iron Man 3 trailer looked awesome and that movie was terrible (even my 11 year old son was disappointed)

but all I'm saying is... I'm glad the book didn't spoil the movie for me,...

and now I'm very interested in reading it.
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