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Default Re: BTE: Biggest Thread Ever LIV

Originally Posted by Rose
I'm about to read the book, but I read the wiki on it, and it seems like a terrific concept. I'm pretty excited. One of my friends saw who was directing it and said "he's the right guy to design the party scenes, but they should have hired someone else entirely for literally every other part of the movie"

And given what I've seen of him before I agree.

I couldn't believe they cancelled Go On, I thought it'd at least get a short order. I want community to be good again. I hope it is eventually. I've already talked myself into believing it sucked just because the writers didn't know how to handle a short order. And yes I realize that makes no sense at all.

I actually really loved the book. It was probably my favorite that I ever had to read for school purposes. It's really relatable if you're a certain kind of person.

I didn't even realize that Lurhmann directed it until today, I just saw the trailers and knew it would be horrible. Lurhmann is a moron. Romeo + Juliet was garbage, as was everything else he's done. He's like a Michael Bay for faux intellectuals instead of meatheads. (Leo Dicaprio was in Romeo+Juliet too).

They should've gotten better actors, a director that can make something melancholy like Spike Jonze, used period music (+ original score), and actually made it a period piece. Basically everything should be different haha.


I thought Go On was the only good half hour comedy NBC had this year. Perry still draws people, it was getting better, Gelman is getting bigger and bigger in the public, but NBC is stupid.

Nah man, Community is just bad. All the writers are gone, and the ones that are there are a hodgepodge of nobodies and castoffs from other shows. It will be bad. Like unbelievably bad.
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