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Default Re: Amanda Bynes: ruined

Originally Posted by SCREWstonRockets
Lol @ cut off years. How does one come to that number? 13-14 yr olds are still kids.

I agree 100%, I was just responding to a post about technicalities.

Originally Posted by FiveRings
She barely looks any different now than she did a few years ago. Her body was almost fully matured already

You do know that 16 year olds are not underage in Canada, where I am, and in some of the States, right?

If it's not against the law where you're from then I guess nobody could say anything to you expect the girl's father. But for me personally, even though ****ing a 17 year old would be legal, I wouldn't do it knowing she was 17. And if even an 18 year old was in highschool, that'd be too weird for me.

But none of this changes the fact that to me, a grown man whose idea of perfection is a 16 year old is creepy to me, and an attraction to a 14 year old is just wrong.
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