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Default Re: All Jokes Aside, What Does It Mean....

Originally Posted by Jackass18
It could mean that you're a closet homo, it's something you've thought about trying but were too scared because you might like it or maybe it was a manifestation of you being a homophobe (kind of like a reminder) or it could be a weird way of your subconscious telling you something (maybe causing yourself some guilt for some reason) or it meant nothing because many dreams don't really any have meaning behind them. What is the cause of that shit? Your mind, foo. You should know yourself better than anyone.

This is what I believe about dreams: it works in ironies but there is a basis to it at a conscious level, for example, if you fear losing a gf, you might dream of that person dying; it is metaphoric and exaggerated, so the interpretation of op having homosexual tendencies could be a basis for the dream.

The question is did he s*ck d*ck? That in itself has many implications. A homosexual act is not just another homosexual act: did op lick a*s? That is a more deep seated form of homosexuality than the norm because licking a*s isn't just about being gay, but taking on another dysfunctional aspect of the psyche in a class of it's own.
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