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Default Re: most comfortable headphones?

Originally Posted by HardwoodLegend
Yeah I'll probably be listening to music one hour a day. Not a beatmaker or marathon listener or anything like that. Just need something comfortable with adequate sound. Being affordable helps too, and these are $60.

I wish they had the boss looks of Dre's beats though.

That's the debate on a lot of audio forums that I looked at for research.

Beat's by Dre are good quality sounding headphones but some people feel they are overpriced for the sound you get. However the style, customer service, and customization are absolutely top notch. I bought my Beats off of eBay and they were defective after about a month or so. Monster gave me a FREE pair of brand new Beats, even though I didn't buy them from a certified seller. That is amazing and I doubt many companies would do that.

With Sennheiser you get world class quality sound for a much better price. The style is lacking though and they don't have as much bass as Beats.
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