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Martin, Patterson, and Denver's 07 1st rounder for Damp, Stack, and Pavel.

Denver clears about 18 mill off their books and replaces Martin with Damp whose got a more movable contract if the need be, and gets rid of 2 misfits and adds a SG that can help them and fits well and hope to resign him for a much cheaper price after this year. They can move Nene to PF and get Damp to be Camby's insurance.

Dallas adds that defensive PF they need to battle Amare and Duncan and hand the Center job to Diop full time with Benga and Dirk occasionally backing him up and add on a late 1st round draft pick in next year's talent rich draft. Patterson also helps them as a defensive specialist off the bench to throw at the Kobe, TMac, Wade types for a few minutes.

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