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Default Re: Holy shit Iron Man 3 sucked so many balls

Originally Posted by outbreak
Surely it's better than the plot hole ridden turd that was the dark knight rises?
Not near the amount of holes you're suggesting.

And Rises had a superior antagonist, actual THREAT and sense of dread and urgency by the film's climax. A legit meaningful character arc from the protagonist that gift wrapped the entire trilogy.

Superior cinematography, script, dialogue and acting all around (beyond RDJ and Kingsley's odd performance) IM 3 was atrocious, and corny ... like most Marvel Studio films.

TDK Rises has an accurate ranking of around 87% or 88%.

IM 3 was like a watered down, boring ass version of TDK Rises with a mythology that isn't near as rich.

Iron Man: 8/10
Iron Man 2: 5/10
Iron Man 3: 6/10
Incredible Hulk: 5/10
Captain America: 5/10
Thor: 6/10
Avengers: 7/10
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