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Default Re: Holy shit Iron Man 3 sucked so many balls

Originally Posted by brantonli
Thought Pepper could only do it because she transformed by the Extremis thing? That's why she was glowing orange and stuff.
That's the point. Everything with Stark is science based. The extremis stuff made injured soldiers re-grow limbs.

Since when did it give them super powers to jump long distances, breath fire, touch steel beams and melt them?

Utterly retarded. I actually thought the twist of the Mandarin being a media creation was actually very interesting (it's what I believe Bin Laden actually was) ... but the actual villain of the film was flat and boring with NO motivations.

At least in TDK Rises the villain returns from the first film, and their motivations actually make sense. The demons that come back to haunt Tony in the 3rd film were created sloppily in this film. So there is no depth and rapport the viewer has with them the way they did with the League of Shadows from Batman Begins and TDK Rises.

You don't have to be dark to take material seriously. The first Iron Man got things right. Let Iron Man be the fantastical element in a grounded reality, and it gives more weight to the story. Nolan / Snyder are doing the same thing with something very fantastical in Superman, but it looks amazing and believable. Why? The reality surrounding Superman is plausible.
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