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Default Re: Write about your best performance in a basketball game (stat-line included )

Originally Posted by Rake2204
That's a heckuva high school performance. How many points did your team score? I know there's conferences out there that run and gun, then there's also teams like my little brother's, who averaged 43 points per game last year. Either way, having a direct hand on 34 points (not all through scoring) is fresh.

In fact, that statline is scary close to one my teammate had, who turned in 18, 10, and 9 in a double overtime victory (though no one scored in the first OT). How'd you and your coach know you were so close to the triple double though? We had no idea our guy was close until stats were taken from video. I'm guessing someone was tracking via computer during the game?

we had girls sit on our bench and take our stats. they played on the girls team so they knew how it worked. My coach actually didn't know, one of the bench players actually told me.

During the game they kept trapping me off of our off the ball screen action at the elbow (we ran a hybridized/simplified Princeton offense) so we basically had a guy open on the short corner for the majority of the game. I probably got more than half of my assists on just that one action alone. We weren't playing the brightest team I'll tell you that much.

Originally Posted by johndeeregreen
Even Ricky Davis has the common decency to pad his stats after the game has been won, not try to do so during a close game. Think about that for a sec - you are more selfish than Ricky Davis. Let that sink in.

If you were my teammate I'd be f*cking pissed.

As you should be, but luckily you weren't my teammate.

My teammates actually laughed it off because we won. If we lost, well then this would probably not have been a worthy performance to share.
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