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Default Re: All Purpose Boxing Discussion Thread

Originally Posted by PK3434

As far as Broner-Malignaggi...Broner is just going to walk through Paulie's punches like they are nothing and eventually finish the job. I don't think he can do that with Guerrero..but who knows.

I think Broner is in for a rude awakening against Malignaggi. Broner does not have great mobility which is one of Malignaggi's best assets. Malignaggi is also quick of hand. I think people are forgetting how much Gavin Rees of all people was landing on him, then you have to factor in the fact that Paulie is bigger and more experienced.

Broner has his hands full, and I think Malignaggi is going to box circles around him. There's no way he stops Malignaggi. When you think about it, who has Broner fought?
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