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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Tyson: 9 points,5 rebounds
Hibbert: 24 points,12 rebounds

I won't even write an essay about how much Tyson sucks. If you know basketball you'll see it,if you don't then I can't help you about it. We need to trade this bum while we still can.
I won't even start talking about how Jason Kidd scored 0 points in the last 7 games and how J.R.Smith has been completely useless since the game 3 in Boston.
I won't blame Raymond Felton because he's maybe the main reason we got here and has basically been our most consistent player throughout the playoffs.

What I want to say is that the Pacers are simply the better team. Not more talented one but a better one.
They rebound better. They defend better. Heck,even their offense look much better than ours. Not to mention how their effort is clearly on a higher level.
Woodson is being outcoached,players aren't playing with effort and basically everyone is playing as bad as they can.

I'm satisfied we got out of the 1st round,that's all I was asking for. However,I thought we would at least play better in the 2nd round. I didn't expect Pacers to rape us. Knicks just look completely outmatched and this series will be over in 5 or 6. Maybe we'll get game 5 at home and that's about it.
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