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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Melo and Tyson are getting paid almost the same.

Melo is being compared with LeBron and Durant,two of the best players in the game.
Even though he played bad he's still averaging 27/8/3 on 41% shooting.
On the other hand,Tyson is having worse numbers than Johan Petro.

Tyson vs Pacers:
7 points,4 rebounds in 29.7 minutes
Per 36 minutes: 8.5 points,4.8 rebounds

Petro vs Pacers:
4.8 points,3.7 rebounds in 16.8 minutes
Per 36 minutes: 10.2 points,7.9 rebounds

LeBron/Durant > Melo
Johan Petro > Tyson

I'll leave it at that.
41% shooting is disgusting.
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