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Default Re: Should I get this tattoo of a goddess on my back?

Originally Posted by tgan3

Thinking of getting a tattoo. I do not have any tattoos, but after so many trails and tribulations in my life, I still feel that i'm still getting nowhere. This tattoo of the goddess would be a guardian angel to lead me to the correct path in life.

This tattoo depicts "Kuan Yin" or Goddess of Mercy, which is an asian equivalent of Mother Mary. The Goddess of Mercy represents compassion, mercifulness and peace. The lotus on her head symbolizes purity.

The turbulent waters below represents life struggles. The dragon which in western countries is usually maleovent, is benevolent in asian countries. The dragon represents courage, strength and vitality.

The Goddess seemingly floating above the water shows that one would always come ahead of life's struggles if one presevere. The hand symbol she is showing is a "Shuni Mudra", which means patience/preseverance.

looks good. that would be a major tatt as a first tho lol
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