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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by knickscity
When melo doesn't score or pass, the Knicks lose.

we saw this yesterday.

I have no issues saying tyson has been bad this year, he has.

But if you think the reason why the team lost yesterday was primarily Tyson, your'e nuts.

For the record my favorite player is actually Shumpert.

I dont mind Melo, but i dont like his game.

Hibbert is an all star center, and he is better than Tyson, not even sure why you would think he'd win the matchup.

But Paul George is owning the supposed best scorer in the NBA by a monumental landslide.

The team wont win with a 41%, no pass, turnover machine.
What are you talking about ?

Melo: 26.7 / 8.3 / 1.7 41% FG
George: 17.7 / 5.7 / 4.3 36% FG

Melo is a turnover machine ??? He's averaging 2 turnovers in the series, GEORGE IS AVERAGING 5.3

You don't know what are you talking about. Sorry but you're the one who's nuts.
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