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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
No they wouldn't because Tyson would be guarding him.
It's a fact. Swap Tyson and Hibbert and we're 3-0 with a chance of sweeping them.

We don't even need Hibbert's offense. His defense and rebounding in the series has been so much better than Tyson's that it alone would win the games for us.
if your debating hibbert being better than Tyson there is no argument there....he is the better player.

the Pacers would still attack whomever is manning the Knicks frontline though

Hibbert doesn't rebound and defend like this against everyone, thus why he is a career 6 rebound player and only averaged 8 this season.

Hibbert defense comes with being on a team that plays continuous solid defense.

The Knicks are lazy, hibbert would foul out nightly on this squad.

he should have fouled out in every game he's played in this series.
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