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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

I think Woodson needs to go big.
Why ? Well the advantage of small ball is more shooting on the floor,more ball movement and mismatches.

Let's be real for a second. With or without Melo on the floor we don't move the ball. Apparently no one can shoot anymore. Also no one is able to take advantage of the mismatches,West is guarding Shumpert and he can't take advantage of it.
Not only that we don't have any advantage from it on offense but we're getting killed on the glass and because of the mismatches we give up a ton of wide open three pointers.

Pacers don't have offensive talent. They are a big team who defends and rebounds.
I would go big,take away their rebounding advantage and defend 1 on 1.

I don't like isolation basketball but we don't move the ball anyways. By going big the Pacers wouldn't have advantage on rebounds and their players wouldn't have wide open looks.
As much as some of you hate Melo if we can make this 1 on 1 battle I'm confident he'll outscore whoever Pacers go to. George is shooting 36% and half of the looks he's got were wide open threes because of bad rotation on defense. Make him play 1 on 1 and his percentages are going to plummet.
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