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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Clutch I dont like the way Melo plays, when he has a complete game I enjoy that, when he goes bonkers on offense, sometimes that is enjoyable as well.

There is a reason why the media was killing him for scoring 50 points and 1 assist against a team with no leBron or Wade on the floor....he sucks the life out of a team.

The team is too dependent on Melo's awesome in the regular seaon, but playoff teams adjust to that.

There is a reason why his fg% which isn't good away, drops harder than a stock market crash in the playoffs.

He isn't even being doubled, he just plays a very inefficient brand of basketball and routinely doesn't do the other things needed to get wins.

Yes tyson got abused by hibbert......

But David West had as many OFFENSIVE BOARDS as Melo had total boards.

12 rebounds to isn't just tyson getting worked out there.
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