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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
Come on man,we don't even move the ball when Melo is on the bench.
Whenever Melo comes out at the start of the 2nd the opposing team goes on a run,it has happened all playoffs long.

I don't know whose fault it is but we don't move the ball regardless of is Melo playing or not.
If team started to move the ball and play wonderful offense when he's on the bench I would say "well,it is Melo's fault". But it just doesn't happen.
It might be because of Woodson. It might be because other players love to jack up shots too (J.R.,even Shump and Felton) and it might be because most of the players are inept offensively (Kenyon,Tyson,Kidd,Novak...). Probably it's combination of everything stated.

But you can't blame just one man for the lack of ball movement when it's obvious that the problem is the same even when that man doesn't play.
The team is built around Melo, they historically pass up shots to make sure Melo gets his amount.

You can't expect the team to start automatically moving the ball just because melo sat down...they start to scramble then.

I dont know if you've played organized basketball but no one plays well with a player who takes the bulk of the shots is inefficient at such and does little else.

Think about the Mavs for a second....

Dirk takes the bulk of their shots, but that ship team was built around ball movement and defensive minded role players.

Dirk got better in the post season, Melo got worse.

I assure you if Melo was efficient at what he does best you'd never hear a peep from me.

This is the first year I've actually got on Melo over anything, and there is a reason for that....he's got enough to win, but he has to do his job as well.

His man shouldn't have 12 boards...5 on offensive end, while Melo has 5 total and can't score.
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