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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

Originally Posted by Clutch
There's no point in discussing this anymore. We have different opinions.
While I think you have some good points I disagree in a big picture. You're making it look like Melo is the main culprit if we lose the series and I disagree with that. He's not perfect and definitely deserves some blame but there are people who are more to blame for our failure.
No one is gonna look at this series if the Knicks lose and blame tyson and jason kidd.

Those guys were winners before coming here.

You'll hear more about how Melo corrupts players before they get the blame.

The same things you are holding Tyson to are the same things our starting power forward is not doing.

David West lit Melo up in game 1 and made him look like a wuss in game 3 on the boards.

It reminds me of when Barkley joined the Rockets after their two peat.

Barkley got blamed becasue he's the loser, no one would dare blame Dream because he was a winner.

The big picture is alot of our guys have been playing subpar in these playoffs, but the superstar gets the blame...

Dirk got it, Lebron it....only winning changes it.
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