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Default Re: 2013 Knicks Playoff Run thread

knickcity I agree with you. As a whole this team played poorly but the Pacers played great defense. The Knicks didnt play bad defense but when they made mistakes in the rotation or doubled the Pacers made the right pass and hit open shots. I couldnt believe how the paint always looked packed and the perimeter players were covered. How can that happen were they playing with 8 guys on the hardwood?

Playoff games are when superstars show up and lead teams to victories. They take the team on their shoulders and does whatever it takes for the team to win. Role players get the blame when stars get it done. If you build a team to revolve around a scorer then yeah of course what Melo does and doesnt do will effect the outcome more than any other player.

You have to understand basketball a little better if you think the outcome of this series is going to be based on what the role players do more than Melo. The blame will go this way what Melo did and didnt do, what Woody did an didnt do, then Jr. Smith on the offensive end then everyone else. That's the way it should be!

39% FG
28pts on 26 shots a game
1.7 assist per game
1.2 steals per game
.11 blocks per game
2.14 turn over per game

How do these numbers equate to a strong showing?

I dont want to get in the blame game so I wont. Melo is a great volume scorer he isnt anything else. If you put him on superstar status then I and every Knick fan can crucify him for what he isnt! Don't mention Tyson's salary in comparison to what Melo makes.

This team has to make the extra pass and minimize the mental lapses on defense.

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