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Default Re: Write about your best performance in a basketball game (stat-line included )

Let me dust off my old statbooks to see...

(time traveling in my mind as I flip through my junior and senior years of highschool)

Strictly speaking from the production stat the program we recorded game data with, my best game was 5/9 from the field for 12 points, 6orb and 5drb for 11 total rebounds, 1 assist, 1 steal, 0 TO and 0 personal fouls for a grandtotal production of 24.

>Don't ask me how in the heck they freaking calculate that crap number.

My BEST game IMHO was really the following:
5/5 for 14 points, 6orb & 3drb = 9 total rebounds, 4 personal fouls, 6 TO, 0 steals/blocks/steals. Total production of 16.

That really isn't a great statline, but the game was and its a case where there is more to the stats. I will never forget the entire student section being joined in by the parents and my home city chanting my name after scoring the first 7 points of OT. Not even winning State the next night capping off our undefeated year can compare for me personally.
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