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Default Tyson Chandler...everybody's fault but his

Seriously dude? You are taking subliminal shots at guys in the media when your ass got EMBARRASSED by Kevin Garnett and Roy Hibbert in consecutive series. Tyson Chandler is a sorry piece of trash. Until he shows up in the playoffs, he's dead to me. It's one thing to play poorly. Now you're blaming everyone else BUT yourself? When Melo plays poorly, I see him say "I need to play better". I see that out of EVERY Knick except this clown. I couldn't believe my eyes when I read all of these articles. Blaming everyone but yourself. You're going to complain about the offense when you contribute NOTHING on that end. Then you're going to complain about people not doubling and helping you out with Hibbert? Are you serious? EVERY OTHER PACER shot under 50%. They weren't running Hibbert off of screens. The put him on the block and dared our "DPOY" to guard him Mano y Mano...and you know what...He BUSTED YOUR AASSSSSSSS! Man up and stop creating controversy in the playoffs. Where's the leadership in that?
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