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Default Re: Tyson Chandler...everybody's fault but his

Originally Posted by Rameek
No one has disputed Tyson isnt playing well. No one has argued that point so obviously something is getting lost in the translation. No one is saying Tyson is worth the money he is getting.
Garnett and Hibbert are better players than Tyson.


No one here knew Tyson was being added it wasnt a rumor or anything like that. All of sudden Billups was amnestied and Tyson was added.

read the bottom portion

I see what your saying...and I'm calling them out for being hypocrites. I'm beginning to think it's bigger than basketball. We talk about Melo receiving the lionshare of the blame because he's getting the max. So why does Tyson Chandler get less blame than JR Smith. Chandler makes 7 times what JR makes. JR, as pathetic as he's been, has given us WAY more this post season.

And your statement about "If the best player does his job nobody can blame him" is wrong also. When Melo scored 50 and we won...they complained about him only having 1 assist. When we beat the Clippers and Melo had 42 and 8, they complained about the same thing. It's ridiculous. People aren't mad at Melo because he's not getting the job done. People are mad because he isn't LeBron James. Well guess what? LeBron didn't want to come here...and I'm pretty sure those same people are the reason why.

But as I've said after every fans, we can keep trying it the way we've been trying it. Keep blaming your best players and loving the underachieving role players. If you think you don't have power as a fan be it. I've seen guys get traded based on the fans. So as long as you hype up Jason Kidd "doing the little things" and Jared Jeffries "doing stuff that doesn't show up in the stat sheet" ....that's the type of players we'll have on our roster. While Miami, who has just as much salary on the books as us, fills their roster with guys who can actually play. We can employ continue to give Tyson Chandler 14 million dollars and continue to give Jason Kidd 3.5 and continue to pay Marcus Camby 4 million to warm seats on the sideline. We can continue to pay Novak 4 mill in hopes that he hits a 3.

Then when we lose, we'll go back to blaming whoever our best player is. Rinse and Repeat. I don't get it but whatever. Wake me when it's over. Knickscity knows...we've both been diehard Knicks and Jets fans. I'm tired of drinking the Koolaid though man.
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