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Default Re: Andrew Wiggins' school commitment

Seems like all the "experts" are predicting Kansas or FSU.

Telep's odds are:
FSU 35%
KU 25%
UNC/UK 20%

Daniels said he spoke to his sources and barely anyone predicted UK or UNC.

All 4 of the CBS guys said FSU.

fwiw. The FSU reasoning has been gone over to ad nauseum. Apparently with Kansas, Wiggins really connecting with Self and the team might be the deciding factor. That along with he would get to be the guy at a blue blood and he doesn't have to play FSU in conference (which the parents might not like). I heard that Wiggins would have gone to Kansas had Randle chose them, so interesting if true.

And if you are in to reading this kind of stuff... It's been said that there won't be a presser for his announcement. The only media there will be a single local Huntington reporter.

Even 100+ ranked kids have pressers. Julius Randle had Jason Jordan follow him around to Burberry to buy suits, tweet and write articles for USA Today on every little step process, and the announced on national tv. This is the #1 recruit in the nation, who in a day would have dragged out the recruitment literally 24 hours within the date of which he could still sign an LOI. This is different.

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